Stagecoach West


Life Sentence - Embittered former soldier Leo Calloway blames the loss of his arm in the Civil War on the cowardice of ex-comrade Toby Reese, and seeks revenge
Operating the Timberland Stage Line from Missouri to California, engineers Luke Perry (Wayne Rogers) and Simon Kane (Robert Bray) brave the many dangers of the Wild West in this highly acclaimed Western drama. Along with Simon's 15-year-old son, Davey (Richard Eyer), the team defends the stagecoach against robbers, killers and inclement weather, while also assisting the occasional damsel in distress.
  • Season

S1/EP 1 - High Lonesome

Simon, and son David happen upon his estranged wife, who abandoned them several years before.

S1/EP 2 - The Land Beyond

There are two people on a stagecoach who are eloping and unknown to them, a stranger named Dawson is close behind.

S1/EP 3 - Dark Return

A young man claims to have witnessed a killing. The murderer knows it and plants evidence to make it look like the boy actually did the crime.

S1/EP 4 - The Unwanted

Luke comes under fire after stopping to take a lame horse out of the lead position.

S1/EP 5 - A Fork in the Road

Driving west transporting a coffin, Davey and Simon are held at gun point by a man who commandeers their cargo.

S1/EP 6 - A Time to Run

Luke picks up a wounded fugitive and plans to turn him over to the Mexican Government, but he is soon overtaken by a group of bounty hunters who also want the man.

S1/EP 7 - Red Sand

Simon picks up two lost travelers in a sand storm and then learns they just robbed a bank.

S1/EP 8 - The Saga of Jeremy Boone

Luke transports a man named Jeremy Boone on his westward run, and comes to learn he is carrying $40,000 in his money belt, while another passenger has her eye on the fortune

S1/EP 9 - Life Sentence

Embittered former soldier Leo Calloway blames the loss of his arm in the Civil War on the cowardice of ex-comrade Toby Reese, and seeks revenge

S1/EP 10 - The Storm

A young woman steals $50,000 from the bank she works at and kills her employer during the robbery, hoping to buy the affections of the man she loves

S1/EP 11 - Three Wise Men

S1/EP 12 - By the Deep Six

An English sailor named Liverpool Jack jumps ship and goes on the run. He heads inland, unaware that he is being chased by people trying to stop the spread of a disease

S1/EP 13 - Object: Patrimony

S1/EP 14 - Come Home Again

A former chorus girl takes her daughter from her grandmother, who has legal custody of the child, and books passage west on the stage.

S1/EP 15 - The Brass Lily

Once famous singer Lily de Milo is left paralyzed after being shot on a visit to Outpost and soon becomes a problem for the town. Guest starring Jean Hagen

S1/EP 16 - Finn McColl

S1/EP 17 - Image of a Man

An alcoholic lawyer is forced to prosecute a man for murder and has been told he better not lose the case.

S1/EP 18 - Not in Our Stars

Ben Wait is accused of killing a man's daughter and is offered a safe haven by Simon.

S1/EP 19 - The Arsonist

A man is fooled through misguided loyalty to his employer, and sets fire to a factory where he worked for over 20 years in order to collect insurance money.

S1/EP 20 - Songs My Mother Told Me

S1/EP 21 - The Root of Evil

A former army major is released from prison, and goes in search of the payroll he stole

S1/EP 22 - The Outcasts

In the line of duty sometimes leads to family tragedies when Deputy Ken Rawlins is firing upon a fleeing gang of robbers and ends up killing one of the bandits...his own brother.

S1/EP 23 - The Remounts

After two horse thieves kidnap Davey, Luke and Simon figure that to get their friend back, they'll have to help the thieves round up the wild horses.

S1/EP 24 - House of Violence

When the stage is stopped by outlaw Russ Dory, passengers are held as hostages while Luke is sent for medical supplies.

S1/EP 25 - El Carnicero (The Butcher)

S1/EP 26 - Fort Wyatt Crossing

Luke finds a badly wounded soldier near a hijacked shipment of gold, Luke decides to complete delivery of the gold.

S1/EP 27 - A Place of Still Waters

Killer Martin Hallett comes to Outpost searching for his brother---the town minister

S1/EP 28 - Never Walk Alone

Train robber Cole Eldridge is pardoned by the governor and released from prison. He gets on a train and discovers that a member of his old gang is aboard and is planning to rob the train.

S1/EP 29 - The Big Gun

Luke is carrying a Gatling gun in his stage for delivry to an army post. He is intercepted by Mexican revolutionary Francisco Martinez and his band, followers of Juarez in the war against Maximillian.

S1/EP 30 - The Dead Don't Cry

Luke sets out to find his brother, who fled town after being unjustly accused of murder.

S1/EP 31 - The Raider

Emily Prince and her homesteader fiancé, Gil Soames are to meet at Halfway House. But killer Mel Harney, who was once engaged to Emily, arrives there before either of them.

S1/EP 32 - Blind Man's Bluff

A couple must run for their lives after a blind gunfighter threatens to kill them.

S1/EP 33 - The Bold Whip

When Luke and Simon are attacked by the Cheyenne, they have only one chance for help---and it comes as an Indian child.

S1/EP 34 - The Orphans

Two children come from Spain to join their father, but when they arrive, they find him dead.

S1/EP 35 - The Guardian Angels

S1/EP 36 - The Swindler

Hollis Collier offers the citizens of Outpost a chance to invest their money in a gold mine. Simon thinks Collier is up to no good, but David is convinced of the man's honesty.

S1/EP 37 - The Renegades

A group of renegade soldiers, headed by Ed Bush and Tom Lochlin, are headed for the Canadian border. To be less conspicuous, they decide they need a stagecoach.

S1/EP 38 - The Marker

Luke is helping Jenny Forbes hide from her former boyfriend, a gambler called Mingo. When Mingo learns of this, he sends Luke a present - a tombstone.