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The Restless Gun


"An old friend of Vint's has been jailed after being caught with a band of rustlers, and is likely to be hanged if he doesn't tell where the other rustlers are. But he is unwilling to because he fears that his compatriots will harm his deaf-mute daughter if they think he's told on them." 



The Kids

"Marshal Dan Troop has his hands and his jail full when three wild kids invade Laramie to wait for their outlaw father." 



The Bundle from Britain

Cousin Beauregard Maverick (Roger Moore) arrives back in America and is quickly enlisted by Bart to impersonate the son of the Marquis of Bognor, who had been indentured to work on a ranch in Wyoming for six months. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

A House Divided

Josh is hired by an attractive woman to find and clear the name of her father wrongly accused of murder. The real killer hires Jason to find the same man, too. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

Triple Vise

Josh and Jason go to Mexico searching for Al Hemp's brother, Billy. Al took the blame for Billy's crime and ends up waiting for his brother—a no show. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

The Protege

Paladin answers an ad in the paper by Kurt Sprague: "Teach me to quick draw and shoot. Instruction desperately needed. Will pay one thousand dollars. Only experts need apply." Kurt needs to learn in order to go back home. Paladin does a very good job. Only one problem: Kurt enjoys showing off his new found skill a little too much. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

The Road to Wickenburg

Paladin wakes up after being drugged, beaten and robbed in the town of Blue Bell by five men, one of whom is the town's sheriff. They took his money, gun, bullets, horse and saddle. All he has left is his two-shot derringer. 



Incident at Deadhorse: Part 2

Town boss Jud Hammerklein remains confident that he will never be executed, despite the feverish activity of the hangman.  


The High Chaparral


With Sam gone, Big John is driving the men crazy trying to run the ranch alone. But when Joe takes over, he hires a foreman with a bad past.  



Mustang Trail

A herd of wild mustangs is up for grabs to whoever can capture them; however, hostile Indians control the range where they roam.  


Lethal Weapon

Leo Getz Justice

"Leo Getz (THOMAS LENNON) returns on a Murtaugh case." 


Lethal Weapon

Get the Picture

"Murtaugh & Cole track down stolen art." 


Lethal Weapon


"Murtaugh tries to uncover Cole's past. KEESHA SHARP directs." 


Lethal Weapon


"Murtaugh digs Cole out of trouble with a cartel." 


Lethal Weapon

What the Puck

"Murtaugh and Cole get played." 


Walker, Texas Ranger

Storm Warning

Walker's partner goes undercover and gets sent to prison. But the bus never makes it when a hurricane blows into Texas and Walker follows the escapees to a remote hotel where only the owners and a special friend still remain.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

In The Name Of God

Trouble arises when Alex tries to save a friends daughter from a religious cult and is captured.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Crimewave Dave

When Walker visits the family of someone he once helped out, he stumbles across a parole officer who seems to be doing more than just his job with ex-cons.  


Star Trek

Where No Man Has Gone Before

While exploring the edge of the galaxy, the Enterprise encounters an energy barrier that gives two crewmen godlike powers. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Yesterday's Enterprise

The course of history is altered when a time rift brings a Starship Enterprise from the past into the 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Bar Association

Tired of workplace mistreatment at the hands of his brother, Rom organizes all of Quark's employees into a union and goes on strike against the bar. 


Star Trek: Voyager

Good Shepherd

Janeway must tend to her flock when she finds three misfit crewmembers need some special attention. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

Fallen Hero

Enterprise is sent to the planet Mazar to pick up a Vulcan ambassador who has been expelled for misconduct. 



Family Tree

Duncan bails Richie out of jail after he was caught stealing files from an adoption agency in an effort to find out who his parents are. From what Richie read in the files before he was caught, he and Duncan are able to find a man who claims to be his father. Duncan senses that something isn't right, so he hits the streets to find out who this man really is. 




Don and his team must track down a serial rapist thought to be in a position of police authority. 



Black Swan

When Don's intuition leads to the arrest of a bystander, a covert insurgent operation is exposed. 




Reno pursues a famous kickboxing movie heroine.