Relic Hunter star Tia Carrere was called ''the female Indiana Jones''

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 14, 2023, 11:12AM    Tags: Relic Hunter, Tia Carrere

"The female Indiana Jones" is how Tribune Media Services described Relic Hunter star Tia Carrere in a 1999 feature. She portrayed Sydney Fox in the adventure series, but she's mostly known for her recurring role as Jade Soong on the popular soap opera General Hospital in the 1980s.

Her role as the star of Relic Hunter was completely different than who she played on GH.

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"I had no idea until I started just how intense it would be," she said to The Times and Democrat in 1999. "It really made my head spin for the first couple of weeks. But it is work that I feel passionately about. If you're going to commit yourself to something so time-consuming and life-altering, you'd better make sure that it's a world that you want to live in."

She continued, "I like the show because it is rich, it's serious, and you're really going on a journey. It looks like a little movie every week." Carrere also didn't mind the Indiana Jones comparisons. 

"I started off more serious in the role, but the thing that really made the Indiana Jones films work was his self-deprecating humor. He didn't take himself too seriously. It's fun playing with that in my character. The way we can really find our niche is by combining that with a great sense of humor. We get caught in situations that are absolutely absurd or life-threatening, and we see the humor in it. It's a situational thing."

The actress loved playing Sydney and Jade on General Hospital. Still, there was one character she played that turned into a one-off appearance instead of its original recurring: Tia on The A-Team.

That's right. Carrere was supposed to join the team, but her obligations with General Hospital at the time prevented that from happening. Her first and only appearance was during the episode "The Sound of Thunder." 

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