Adventures of Superman

George Reeves' mother allegedly paid a retired boxer to fight her son so he'd give up boxing and focus on acting

Reeves had the opportunity to become a superstar boxer, but his mother had a different career path for her son.

Producers wouldn't hire George Reeves, so he took his career in another direction

Reeves was typecast, so the star had to find another way to make money.

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It's not a bird or a's a character quiz!

Which shows did Phyllis Coates make an appearance on?

TV's first Lois Lane had a long list of acting credits.

R.I.P. Phyllis Coates, the original Lois Lane on Adventures of Superman

Coates first played Lois Lane in the 1951 movie "Superman and the Mole Men." She was 96.

Are you the ultimate George Reeves fan? Watch his appearances in these classic films

George Reeves didn't become the big movie star he dreamed about, but the actor showcased his talents in various genres.

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George Reeves almost left Adventures of Superman in 1954

Reeves supposedly wanted a salary increase and for the company to halt the sale of Superman capes.