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Stagecoach West

House of Violence

When the stage is stopped by outlaw Russ Dory, passengers are held as hostages while Luke is sent for medical supplies. 


Leap Upon Mountains

McCord takes a job working for a Quaker widow and discovers that she is being pressured by a neighboring rancher to sell her land. 

Broken Arrow

White Man's Magic

A wounded Geronimo takes a young woman hostage, promising to release her in exchange for medical aid. 


Jungle Ransom

A woman enlists Tarzan's help in freeing her husband from a band of outlaws.  

Daniel Boone

The Tamarack Massacre Affair

Boone and Mingo combat a British plot to instigate war between the settlers and the Indians.  

Eco Company Teens

Living Small


Walking Wild

Tasmanian Devils & Ring-Tailed Lemurs


Zoo Clues

World’s Showiest Animals

"We’ll investigate some of the world’s showiest critters as we examine all of the wacky, amazing ways these colorful characters showoff in the animal kingdom." 

Coolest Places on Earth, The

The Classic Mediterranean Cruise

"Ever dreamed of an exotic cruise to some of the most iconic and breath-taking places on earth? Well, this is it. Sail through the Straits of Gibraltar, barter in Barcelona, see what’s so nice about Nice in the south of France, and get crazy with the Greeks. It’s your dream come true." 

Heroes Among Us


Heroes Among Us


Iron Horse

Grapes of Grass Valley

Ben tries to help a group of French monks establish a vineyard despite the opposition of a trapper. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Posse

Paladin stops to ask a stranger for directions and is invited to share his campsite. Later, when a posse arrives, the man announces that Paladin is the murderer they have been looking for. 

Wagon Train

The Fort Pierce Story

Colonel Lathrop orders Chris Hale to take the wife of Captain Winters on the wagon train with him. As the only woman at the fort, Nancy Winters is drowning her fear about her husband's safety and her sorrow over the death of her infant child in alcohol. Lathrop finds her attitude and behavior distracting to the discipline of his soldiers.  

Have Gun, Will Travel

Shot by Request

Ainslee is a well-dressed, middle-aged gentleman and a reluctant gunfighter. He hires Paladin for a very strange task. 

Have Gun, Will Travel


Mexican rancher Don Luis Ortega hires Paladin to escort his daughter across the border into the United States. However a peon from her father's ranch is determined to stop them and take her for himself. 

The Rebel

The Legacy

The Ricker family frames Yuma for a murder that one of the Ricker's has committed and then arranges for him to flee town before he is hanged. But will Yuma chose the easy way out?  

The Rebel

Don Gringo

Yuma arrives at a scene where Demetria's family escort has been wiped out. She is en route to an arranged marriage and laments this lack of protection; however, her expressed feelings for Yuma contradict her despair.  


Duel at Sundown

Bret Maverick finds himself caught in a deadly love triangle with a lovely woman (Abby Dalton) and a young gunman (Clint Eastwood). 

Black Sheep Squadron

The 200 Pound Gorilla

The promotion list arrives, giving Gen. Moore another star and making Sgt. Micklin a warrant officer, which causes him to become even more hostile towards the "college boy" pilots.  

Star Trek: The Animated Series

The Counterclock Incident

An unusual spaceship pulls the Enterprise into a "negative universe" where time seems to flow backwards. 

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Beyond the Farthest Star

While exploring on the outermost rim of the galaxy the USS Enterprise is pulled into the orbit of a dead star. Trapped there, the crew discovers that there is an ancient derelict pod ship trapped with them as well. 

Star Trek

I, Mudd

The Enterprise is taken over by a group of androids who are working for Kirk's old nemesis, Harry Mudd. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation


After being summoned home by 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Sword of Kahless

Kor, a revered Klingon warrior, sets out with Worf and Dax in search of a mythical, ancient artifact they believe has the power to unite the Klingon Empire. 

Star Trek: Voyager

The Omega Directive

Voyager comes across a space phenomenon that must be destroyed at all costs. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Cease Fire

Both the Vulcans and the Andorians make a claim to a small planet and military conflict soon erupts. As the fighting goes on, the Vulcans announce they are willing to discuss cease fire terms. However, Imperial Guard officer Shran believes only Captain Archer can be trusted to mediate the situation, which drags the Enterprise crew into the tense situation. 

The Rat Patrol

The Hour Glass Raid

The Rat Patrol frees an Allied doctor seemingly abducted by Dietrich, unaware that he is actually a German agent. 

The Rat Patrol


Moffitt infiltrates a German hospital, posing as an injured Luftwaffe pilot, to spread false information about Allied troop movements leading up to the invasion of Sicily. 



A group of children finds a wounded Littlejohn. They take him to where they live, attempting to sell him to the Americans—the Germans. 

12 O'Clock High

Then Came the Mighty Hunter

The 918th bomber squadron has met extreme casualties in a futile attempt to bomb a target in Hagensburg. Having made three attempts without a direct hit, Col. Joe Gallagher is summoned by the brass for a meeting to change strategy. Meanwhile, a young gunner, Corporal Steve Corbett, has joined the squadron and displays an inordinate zeal to get into battle. 

21 Jump Street

Coppin' Out (aka Cop Love)

Mac and Joey try to find those responsible for vandalizing nursing homes, discovering that one of the prime suspects is the son of Fuller's girlfriend. 
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