Can you name these wonderful women from the Star Trek universe?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 9, 2022, 1:02PM
From Uhura to Captain Janeway, the Star Trek franchise has been ahead of the curve when it comes to boldly going where no woman has gone before. The six live-action — and one delightful animated — series introduced countless memorable women in roles ranging from nurses to religious leaders.

A true Trekker should be able to name most of the following characters. They were all recurring, to some extent, in the classic Trek shows. See if you can identify 10 or more.

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  1. Who is this communications officer aboard the Enterprise NX-01?
  2. Who is this alongside Uhura?
  3. This character was played by the same actress behind the answer to number two.
  4. This Star Trek veteran had played two different "doctors" on The Original Series. Who was she on The Next Generation?
  5. Who is this on Deep Space Nine?
  6. What is the name of this nurse?
  7. Who is this little girl?
  8. While we're aboard Deep Space Nine, can you name this "dabo girl" from Quark's Bar.
  9. She also worked the dabo wheel at Quark's and became friendly with Dr. Bashir.
  10. Here is a Voyager xenobiologist with her half-Ktarian daughter, Naomi. Who is she?
  11. This Cardassian could also be found aboard Voyager.
  12. Who is this Bajoran religious leader?
  13. Scotty walks this bride down the aisle in "Balance of Terror." Kirk presides over her wedding.
  14. Finally, she took over the helm for Sulu in "That Which Survives."
Can you name these wonderful women from the Star Trek universe?

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