How well do you know the character MacGyver?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 31, 2019, 1:00PM
MacGyver is a fascinating guy. With little more than duct tape and a Swiss Army knife, he can solve any problem or get out of any sticky situation. 

How did he get to be so… MacGyvery? Well, the classic TV series gave us a lot of backstory, from his childhood to his education to his early career.

Let's see how well you know MacGyver. Try to ace this quiz about his biography!

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  1. MacGyver excelled at this sport.
  2. MacGyver was raised by his grandfather. What was his name?
  3. By what nickname did MacGyver's grandfather call him?
  4. What is MacGyver's given first name?
  5. MacGyver grew up in this border state.
  6. This was MacGyver's favorite professional sports team. He often wore the hat.
  7. In the first season, MacGyver and Peter work for DXS. What does that stand for?
  8. After that, MacGyver worked for The ________ Foundation.
  9. MacGyver has degrees in physics and chemistry from this college. You can see his student photo at the top of this quiz.
  10. MacGyver wore this watch made by what brand?
How well do you know the character MacGyver?

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